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Partner With A Web Analyst Who's Insights Have Delivered 10X Returns For $1M+ Clients

Discover how Jozef Siyalom’s data-driven recommendations will send conversion rates through the roof – for you and your clients!

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Join the top agencies in making strategic decisions based on data—not a 'feeling'

Are you overwhelmed by data?

Unsure of which metrics to track or how to decipher them? Or even how to set everything up in the first place?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I understand that results are the lifeblood of any agency, and how infrequent they can be without measurable data.

If even reading the word “measurable” sends your head into a tailspin, I will help you and your clients to…

"Jozef reduced my ad spend by 14% and increased conversions by 23%!"

– Jessica Tang

Wondering if and how I can help your agency? Let me answer those questions in the way I know best… by sharing real, measurable results.

These are the stats for a 7-figure company that’s selling a $400 service. The campaign objective was for their ideal client to first book a free sales call. The company closes 20% of their leads on average and, by implementing my web analytics and insights, we’ve achieved a 14.1x Return on Ad Spend!

(Yes, I know I said I 10X results. I was being modest for a moment)

More Case Studies

The challenge isn't just collecting data—it's making sense of it.

But don’t worry, I’ll handle that for you. Here’s what can happen when I do:

I have doubled the mobile sales of a 7-figure e-commerce company, when they were generating fewer sales from mobile than on desktop. We located the problem areas in the funnel and improved the mobile user’s experience.

I have rectified critical tracking errors for a 7-figure Recruitment firm and, partly as a result of that, increased their overall conversion rate by 5%.

I have increased loan applications by 7% for a 7-figure finance company, after discovering a big drop-off between the 1st and 2nd stages of the conversion funnel.

I have helped a 6-figure non-profit to identify and establish official partnerships with some of their biggest donors, and increased their contribution to online donations from 3% to 4.5%.

How I Can help you

There's a 99% chance you're missing out on potential sales as you read this. I'll show you where, and how to fix it!

I will audit your website, set up your analytics, and provide data-driven recommendations each month to squeeze every last cent out of your sales funnel.

(FYI – Each service can be purchased as a comprehensive package OR individually)

Uncover new ways to scale online with a complete website audit

Receive comprehensive audits of your website and analytics configurations, along with actionable recommendations on how you can generate more leads and sales for your business.

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Remove the stress that comes with setting up your analytics

The last thing you want is to be 2, 3, 4 months into a campaign and realise you’ve not been tracking the right data. Don’t worry, it’s all sorted for you so you can rest easy.

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Receive monthly insights that help you make the big decisions based on data, not feelings

You’ll gain access to a live report that shows you the data we’ll use to scale your business. We’ll also have a call each month to go through my recommendations on how to improve those numbers.

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Here’s a full list of…

Everything that's included in my comprehensive web analytics service:

100% FREE. Takes <1min to book yourself in!

My clients have been with me for 3+ years

Picture of Shawn Goldmintz

Shawn Goldmintz


I’ve been working with Jozef for 3+ years and it’s been a wonderful experience.  He’s quick, thoughtful and thorough, and always has the best interest of the client in mind. I’ve been able to effectively outsource my entire PPC and SEO management thanks to Jozef!

Decreased Alexandra's Cost per Lead by 19%

Picture of Alexandra Lawlor

Alexandra Lawlor


Jozef has been great support to my business over the past 5 years. He provides advice about what to do and has decreased the cost per lead of my ads by 19% from 2022 to 2023 using web analytics tools. He stays on top of my account and keeps me informed about what is happening. I can trust him with my business needs. He increased the total number of leads my 6% by spending 13% less money in 2023. He’s made our lead generation more efficient and has improved the quality of leads being sent to the business.

I'm dedicated to your project's success

Picture of Rowan Dence

Rowan Dence


In my two years of working with Jozef, I have constantly been impressed by his knowledge of web analytics. He has been a pleasure to work/collaborate with and his dedication to our projects’ success is always appreciated. If you need help. Jozef is your man.

Picture of Jessica Tang

Jessica Tang


Jozef is very professional and knowledgeable. He responds in a very timely manner and gets the work done very quickly. Jozef is a pleasure to work with and can always be counted on to complete the work and he keeps me updated regularly on how campaigns are doing. I highly recommend Jozef!

I deliver simple, fast & effective communication

Reduced ad spend by 14% and increased conversions by 23%

Picture of Felicia Lau

Felicia Lau


Jozef is an amazing person, not only does he help you with the ads but he is also constantly looking at the performance of them. He reduced my ad spend by 14%, and increased my conversions by 23%. He is always on it and keeps me posted on how it goes and sends me a detailed analysis for ads. Jozef is the person you need!


I'm always learning about the latest trends and updates, so you don't have to

I started my business after being furloughed in 2020 due to COVID.

Ironically, it was my former employer that became my first client – hiring me as a data consultant.

The majority of my clients have been with me for 3-5 years, not only because a data analyst is crucial to their agency but because my insights deliver results.

If you’re interested in long-term growth for you and your clients, book a call today to find out if and how my web analytics can help you!

Find out if and how I can help you, in just 30 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is web analytics important?

Web analytics is important because it allows you to gain insights into how users interact with your website, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance and user experience and eventually your sales, leads, and revenue.

A web analytics expert can help you set up and configure your analytics tools, interpret and analyze data, and provide insights and recommendations for improvement.

They can also help you identify areas for improvement, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your website.

You can use web analytics to track how many visitors your marketing campaigns are driving to your website, which pages they are visiting, and whether they are completing desired actions.

This information can help you optimize your marketing campaigns for better performance.

To measure conversion rates, you can track how many visitors complete a desired action on your website, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter

Overall, GA4 represents a significant upgrade over GA3 in terms of its capabilities and flexibility.

So, the configuration, and the tracking methodology is different and more comprehensive. If it is not done accurately you may be missing out on important insights and opportunities to improve your website or marketing strategy.

Yes, we will provide a 90-minute live training tailored to your website after we complete the configuration.

Yes, just book a discovery call and we can talk through what you need, and come up with an appropriate quote for that.

Start using data-driven insights to generate incredible results, for you and your clients!

Let’s jump on a 30-minute discovery call to see IF and HOW my data-driven insights can transcend your agency.