What it is

Customized tracking configuration based on your business requirements. We will start by creating a measurement plan together, based on your business objectives and what really matters for your success.

Then we will prepare a tag implementation plan and I will implement it, completing the necessary tests. During this implementation process developer support might be required. I will work with them to complete this implementation successfully.

These new tracking configurations are applicable for all sizes and types of websites or landing pages. The time and effort required to complete these projects depend on the business requirements which will be decided mutually.

How it works

I start with a detailed interview with relevant employees to understand your requirements and set expectations.

Step 1. Measurement Plan: This plan will be prepared to uncover what really matters for your business to track. These will be based on your business objectives.

Step 2. Tag Implementation Plan: Tag implementation plan will show us how to track each item in the measurement plan. We will prepare this together.

Step 3. Implementation: I will implement the plan and test the configuration

Step 4. Presentation: I will present the configuration and provide a 90 minutes training on Google Analytics 4

What's included

  • Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager account creation
  • Event and conversion tracking
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Customer Segments on Google Analytics 4
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • All other tracking requirements for your business